Being both salt and light within the local community in a quality MBC has long pursued. Some of this is seen through the following ministries:

Bible in Schools
Bible in Schools is a weekly opportunity to introduce children in our primary schools to the message of the Bible and the story of Jesus within their classrooms. 

Every fortnight there’s a whole lot of action going down with Rally@412. Rally@412 offers creative programmes and solid spiritual input throughout the year.

Youth Group
We seek to be involved in our teenagers lives and to foster growth and development through innovative programmes and interactive Bible studies.

Special Services
Christmas and Easter are highlights of the church calendar and MBC loves to have involvement with our community at these times through special church services. 

Community Seminars
We believe that the church has a responsibility for the general wellbeing of our local area and so have provided seminars from time to time on contemporary issues.

Combined Church Gatherings
MBC supports the local community church that gathers four times each year for services. We also enjoy supporting the efforts of the combined churches of Te Aroha who meet several times a year. 

Social Compassion
The circumstances of life can catch us unawares at times and MBC seeks to be aware of situations within our community where we can contribute and help as needs arise.